"Callafornia Dreamin' I" Gallery Wrapped Canvas

"Callafornia Dreamin' I" Gallery Wrapped Canvas

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Nature’s classic design, the Calla Lilly. They symbolize many significant things including rebirth, youth, and innocence.

This image was created by painting with light, which is a technique where part of your subject is illuminated with additional light—longer exposures.

After the initial image was captured, an additional light source added highlights of both light and color.

I was inspired to paint with light since it aligns with the word photography; Greek photos (light) and graphe (drawing).

A gallery wrapped canvas with a floating wooden frame takes the artwork to the next level. Depending upon your décor, you have three options; a solid black wooden frame; or a solid black wooden frame with either a silver or gold edge. Whether it’s a wedding present, birthday or holiday present, artwork makes the perfect gift for you, a loved one or friend!

Many words can be used to describe Pritz Fine Art Designs artwork including: enhanced, abstract, unique, modern, urban, creative, colorful, contemporary, captivating, surreal and made in America.

If you are interested in a custom size, please contact Pritz Fine Art Designs (under "About") for a quote.

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